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Welcome to the Great Process Servers Directory where you will find the best private Process Servers in any state, county or city. This is where you can search and find the best local private Process Server for Free. You have Unlimited access to our database of Process Servers and encouraged to use it! Process Servers in this directory are dependable and fast. All Great Process Servers guarantee your peace of mind and results.

Listed Great Process Servers deliver subpoena's and serve lawsuits and important documents to anyone and to just about anywhere in the U.S. The nationwide directory of Great Private Process Servers offers you direct access to local professional process servers in or near the location where you need services performed. All Great Process Servers specialize in handling service of process of court documents and the delivery of orders, demand letters and urgent notifications. All Process Servers are prepared to travel to most locations where services are needed. The Great Process Servers Directory was created to assist legal professionals with finding the perfect Process Server to assist with your service of process needs. In the event we do not have a process server listed in the location where you need assistance with service of process, PLEASE contact us via our contact form and we will find and connect you to a Great Process Server free of charge.

Great Process Servers specialize in serving State filed Lawsuits, Federal District Court Subpoenas, Federal District Court Summons, Witness Subpoenas, Records Subpoenas, Orders, Complaints, Citations, Subpoena Duces Tecum, Foreclosure Complaints, Custoday Petitions, Evictions Summons, State Summons, County Summons, Supreme Court Summons, Order to Show Cause Actions, Divorce Summons, Modifications, Demand Letters, Notices, Courtesy Copies and all other types of court, legal or urgent documents.

Our Great Process Servers Directory was created to offer free & quick access, easy to read and direct connect to Process Servers by a simple click or two. Unlike other directories, you will not find paid advertisers, paid listed Process Servers or any tricky tactics to lore you into thinking you are dealing with local Process Servers. Here in the Great Process Servers Directory, listed Process Servers DO NOT pay to be on our list. We endeavor to list only the best Process Servers who you can depend upon to get the job done properly and on time. Attorneys, paralegal professionals and law office employees should feel at ease and have peace of mind when contacting a Great Process Server. Our Great Process Servers are simply the best!

The Great Process Server Directory is experiencing significant visitors and directory usage everyday. We are substantially responsible for creating new business relationships between law firms and for our Process Servers. Utilizing our directory to find a Process Server will save you time and offer new opportunities to grow your business and enhance your efficiency. A listing with us should be viewed as one more marketing advantage over your competition and one more way to become more visible on the internet. We encourage you to accept the fact your competitor, at some point in time, will be listed within our pages. However, should you decide to list with us you will be given priority status. Rest assured, we mean priority status and the best "first come first serve" listing and personalized service.

In addition, we are a cutting edge innovative internet marketing company with particular interests in the legal profession. Our primary interest is to assist attorneys, law firms, great process servers and members with better visibility on the internet and throughout the world. The Great Process Servers directory assists Attorneys and Paralegal professionals for free and helps to find Private Process Servers anywhere in the United States.

We are expanding and improving our pages daily and are experiencing significant interest and inquiries about listing with us; so expect more from us and expect more for your business when you use the directory to your advanage. The Great Process Server Directory is currently listed and ranked with all major search engines. Therefore, when you use the directory to find a Process Server or you list your business with us, expect results and enjoy use of our pages.

All Great Process Server web development and internet marketing efforts are aimed at advancing internet commerce and bringing Attorneys and legal professionals together with reputable Process Servers in America and throughout the world.

Hiring a great professional may seem expensive, but wait until you hire an amateur! Here in the Great Process Server directory you will only find professionals who care and aim to get the job done right the first time!

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The Great Process Server directory lists only the best local Private Process Servers

The Great Process Server Directory's reputation was built upon productive professional relationships and verifiable professional aptitude. Great Process Servers are a proud group of private Process Servers that provide a full range of legal support services to law firms, corporations, paralegal professionals and people in need of assistance with the delivery and service of court documents. As you scroll through the Great Process Servers Directory pages, you will have access to receiving the benefit of direct contact with only the best Process Servers and Process Serving businesses with local insight, local rates and extensive process serving experience.

What makes Great Process Servers different, is our commitment to ensuring that listed process servers are bound by a professional code of ethics and a commitment to getting the job done properly and on time. When the Great Process Servers Directory was founded in 2009, we rejected the typical pay for directory model whereby Process Server pay to be listed on our site and being there only because they paid. We instead made a promise that our network of professionals would grow organically, listing with us for free, and encouraging process servers who share a common commitment to delivering exceptional process serving services across the United States. What we created and continue to build is a special online directory of Process Servers who conduct business together and are able to share ideas and refer and consult one another - to better serve the needs of law firms, attorneys and paralegal professionals. Our Process Servers believe their clients’ process serving needs are best served through a cooperation between process servers in a reliable on-line environment with private process servers who know each other and have an outstanding reputation for providing timely and successful process serving services.

Process Servers listed in the Great Process Servers Directory guarantee their services and all Great Process Servers offer the following benefits as applicable to your particular needs.

Accuracy in Reporting
Advancing Witness Fees
Assured Compliance
Diligence Affidavits
Direct contact with processing agent assigned to your service request
Email Transaction updates
Experienced Agents
Expert Diligence Search and Locate service
Expertise with Locating Missing People
Free Notarization of Affidavits
Images, Photos, Video and GPS Data
Jurisdictional Affidavits and Proof of Service
Peace of Mind
Professional Delivery and Private Process Service Excellence
Proof of Delivery
Real Time Updates
Receiving documents via Email Attachment
Scanning Affidavits before Mailing Original
Statutory Services
Superior Communications
Timely Reports and Paperwork


Our robust and secure platform is built on the reputation of its members and the ease of finding them when needed. Attorneys, law firms, corporate counsel, government agencies and people in need of assistance with the delivery and service of process of legal and court issued documents come to the Great Process Servers to find a local agent anywhere in the nation with just a simple click or search entry.

We are much more than a digital process servers directory. We are open 24/7 and able to connect our process server members (virtually) to clients in need of assistance with serving legal papers, notifications and demand letters. Great Process Servers who are listed here can be easily contacted directly through this site without any third parties involved and devoid of the typical antics of slick tactics and nepotism of a pay for directory.

Great Process Servers are limited to select areas where they are experienced and are available to assist with a high level of efficiency. The Great Process Server Directory reserves the right to decline anyone deemed inappropriate for the directory and its decisions are non-negotiable and final. GPS also reserves the right to cancel any listing without notice or justification. When you signed up to be listed, you agree to all our terms, conditions and policies. Any breach, omission, acts of unprofessionalism, simply being annoying, discourteous communications, spamming and or complaints will result in an immediate delisting without any recourse or appeals process. When listed in the Great Process Servers Directory you are expected to be perfect, cordial, professional and cooperative to everyone!

We do not charge fees for listings or grant participants any preferential treatment, territorial monopolies or franchise opportunities. In a traditional pay-to-play legal directory, firms are charged a fee for placement and often grant territorial exclusivity regardless of their level of expertise or whereabouts. Our free listing policy enables clients to confidently select Process Servers with the most relevant experience and, where available, even multiple service options. The Great Process Servers directory offers Process Servers and their clients the benefits of traditional referral networks without the conflicts and jurisdictional monopolies of the pay-to-play directory system that appear at the top of all search results and are absent of personalization and one on one relationships. In fact, you are always welcome to call our office at any time. We offer free advice, free referrals and free information. Call 888-702-0997.

The Great Process Server Directory, We are on a mission to assist you finding the best process serving service.

The Great Process Server Directory aims to coordinate its nationwide relationships with thousands of Process Servers who provide high quality, cost-efficient legal support services wherever our clients need assistance. The Great Process Servers directory enables our Process Servers and clients to use the knowledge of local expertise to deliver highly effective legal support solutions, often drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience of its network. Great Process Servers’ clients benefit from a geographically comprehensive network of exceptional Process Servers and accomplished service providers. Our Process Servers meet high standards to be part of the Great Process Server directory and are well respected by their peers in the legal support services community at large.