Process Server Policies

A. C. E., Inc. adheres to all laws and the highest standards of ethics and morals. A. C. E., Inc. prides itself on performing honest and accurate directory services that are conditionally guaranteed. All policies and laws governing our business activities are strictly enforced to better serve you.

The Great Process Servers directory portal is free for anyone to use. The Great Process Server directory is a free listing services for qualified and preapproved Process Servers. The Great Process Server directory reserves all rights to approve or disapprove Process Servers who express an interest in free listings on the Great Process Server directory. All decisions are final and there is no appeal process. The Great Process Server directory is not intended as, nor offered as an endorsement of its advertisers and or listed process servers. The Great Process Server directory does not render any legal advice, paralegal, legal forms or legal procedural services. The Great Process Server directory is a cutting-edge digital platform business not a pay for play directory of paid referral service. All Process Servers listed in Great Process Servers directory do pay for their listed information and are listed at the discretion of Great Process Servers directory management. Great Process Server directory listings are highly optimized internet advertisements like those found in paid directory listings, telephone books, magazines, bus stop benchs and or newspapers, BUT SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER. We do not verify the capabilities or policies of the Process Servers listed or linked on our page. We urge each person who utilizes this site and opts to hire one of its listed Process Servers to verify all procedures, payment agreements and service offerings before engaging services. We are not responsible for anything that occurs between the listed Process Server and the person who hired the Process Server. Though we are confident about the abilities of our listed Process Servers, you may want to consider asking for references before retaining services. Users of the Great Process Server directory confirm, acknowledge and agree to our policies and use this directory with the understanding, you use this at your own risk and do not hold the owners or individuals at the Great Process Server directory harmless or responsible for your or anyone else's actions and decisions.